Wish Cards

Wish Cards method engages imaginary and fictional thinking, encouraging participants to think more divergent without any limitations. Since ideas are fictitious their feasibility is not questioned. This allows creative idea generation process to continue without any disturbance. Wish Cards method can be used as group as well as individual.


  1. Each wish is written on a separate card by starting with “I wish”.
  2. Once all wishes are written down, cards are shuffled and distributed among the group members.
  3. At the back side of the card solutions to each wish is written or drawn by answering the question “How?”. If a solution can not be generated to some wishes at a certain time period, it is then passed over to next group member.


Wish Cards 01

Wish Cards are printed and cut.

Wish Cards 02

Each wish is written down on a separate card for the ‘workspace organization project’ (e.g. I wish I was able to see what is inside my magazine file boxes without taking them out. I wish it was easy to put things back to their place so that my office space looked more tidy and organized)

Wish Cards 03

After shuffling and distributing the cards, solutions are generated for each wish that was written on the card. (e.g. magazine file box with smart glass was designed for the first wish and stool that easily snaps under the table was designed for the second wish)